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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  December 15, 2017 1:07am-1:42am PST

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cross has a solution.
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this is abc7 news. >> i was relatively calm because
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i wasn't dead. >> the man bittan by a sea lion while swimming this afternoon near fisherman's wharf tells abc7 news about his terrifying encounter. good evening i'm kristen sze. >> i'm dan ashley. the swimmer was rushed to the hospital this afternoon after getting bitten near aquatic park. tonight christian einfeldt talked with abc 7 news reporter tiffany wilson in between surgeries at sf general. >> tiffany has more. >> reporter: christian einfeldt told me the sea lion that attacked him was absolutely massive. and he was powerless. tonight he told me he is so grateful to all of the first responders who helped him. and he hopes to head home from the hospital tomorrow. christian einfeldt spoke to us from his hospital room tonight. >> i'm in almost no pain. >> reporter: he thinks the sea lion trailed him as he swam to the mouth of aquatic park.
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>> i did feel threatened. i did have warning but there was not -- i was a quarter mile from shore, so there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: the sea lion bit his upper right arm. it started bleeding profusely. >> i was relatively calm because i wasn't dead. >> reporter: he flagged down a nearby sail boat that raced him to shore. >> the boat saved his life. if it hadn't been there, who knows what would have happened. >> reporter: this doctor says because sea lion attacks are so rare it's hard to pinpoint a reason for the aggression. >> sometimes animals can be sick or injured. they may be showing a behavior or protecting an area. and sometimes the behavior seems more random. >> reporter: einfeldt doesn't blame the sea lion and he's eager to get back in the water. >> i asked the doctor, when can i go back swimming. >> reporter: however, he's changing one thing about his swimming routine. >> i'm going to be swimming in waist deep water only because this is their kingdom.
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and you know i don't think that i want to roll the dice a second time. >> live and learn, in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. flags at city hall in san francisco remain at half staff tonight in a memorial is growing in memory of mayor ed lee. tomorrow, a public viewing will take place at the hi stall rotunda. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is live at city hall tonight with the story. cornell. >> reporter: hi dan. the line of public mourners is expected to be very long outside the poke street doors of hall, which will open tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning for a viewing of the mayor. meantime, this beautiful sight, a memorial continues to grow here. >> it's beautiful. so beautiful. >> reporter: acting san francisco mayor londonfree gets me motional about the growing memorial of love for ed lee outside city hall. brie says a shocking and tragic
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week will end in tribute to the late mayor who died suddenly tuesday morning. >> we are going to-or him, appropriately so, this weekend and lay him to rest. and do it in a way that will make him proud. >> reporter: the mayor's casket will arrive early friday at city hall for a public viewing. lee will lie in state inside the rotunda from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. >> i think it's going to be a very hard weekend for all of us. this is someone that we saw on monday and sunday and on saturday in good spirits and excited for the holidays. >> reporter: a public memorial for mayor lee will take place sunday afternoon at city hall. former mayor willie brown will be one of the speakers, who may share a funny story about how mayor lee always wanted to be a point guard for the nba. >> he didn't make it so he brought a team over here that would tolerate a short guy playing this women. >> reporter: brown may joke but he will honor the man he says the city was lucky to have as its leader. >> it is appropriate and fitting
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for a man who really earned everybody's respect. >> reporter: a man, a mayor, gone too soon. in san francisco, cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> the memorial celebration of the mayor's life will be held on sunday at 3:00 p.m. at city hall. it is open to the public. if you can make it we will have live coverage here on abc7 noose. two men will go on trial for the ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people in oakland. an alameda county judge ruled there is enough evidence to try both ship founder derick almena and his top aide max harris. each man faces 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for last year's tragedy. that's how many people died in that fire. prosecutors claim they knowingly created a death trap. their attorneys blame oakland city officials for failing to inspect the building. both suspects remain in jail. a cal fire engineer sadly was killed today battling the destructive thomas wildfire
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burning in ventura and santa barbara counties. tonight his team be that removed from the firelines. 32 yirld cory iverson from san diego county had been with cal fire since 2009. sources tell abc news he was overcome by a so-called burn over of fire along highway 126 in ventura county. this afternoon firefighters celebrated him as i was moved into an awaiting he he is survived by his 2-year-old daughter and his wife, who is expecting another baby soon. >> a concert was held to support victims of the north bay fires. ♪ lucas nelson and the promise of the real and the red hot chili peppers headlined tonight's ban. two concert. the last was held at at&t park last month. the headliner was metallica.
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organizers say more than $20 million has been raised from both events. santa clara county will file a lawsuit after the vote to to o repeal net neutrality. it allows internet providers to charge users more. it will be hard on start ups, they say. air bnb and netflix also criticized the fcc's decision. in response to that move, state senator scott wiener says he will introduce legislation to make net neutrality the law in california when the legislature reconvenes in january. >> net neutrality is so important for a free and open internet. without net neutrality, we can have a situation where it's easier to access website that pay money and harder to access website that don't pay money. >> wiener says his proposed legislation will regulate
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telecom businesses to preserve equal access. he says he will work with the aclu and the electronic frontier foundation to craft the bill. meantime the gop tax package may be in jeopardy tonight. at least one new republican senator is saying that he will vote no. abc news reporter chuck severson has the late development. >> reporter: republicans spent thursday putting the final touches on their tax plan with hopes of voting on the bill next week and giving president trump his first major legislative victory. >> we're doing very well on the tax front. >> reporter: on capitol hill it is far from diagnose bag done deal. senator marco rubio telling abc news right now he is a no vote. >> unless they can figure out a way to add to the child tax credit, the $1100 figure i won't support the bill. >> reporter: senate republicans can only afford to lose two votes and tennessee's bob corker is also expected to be a no. a fiscal hawk he is concerned about the projected $1.5
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trillion it's expected to add to the deficit. democrats united in their opposition trying to figure out what is actually in the bill. republicans haven't released it yet. here's what we do know. the plan gets rid of the backbone of obamacare repealing the mandate that all americans have insurance that could leave 13 million more americans uninsured over the next decade. for the wealthy, the top tax rate goes from 39 to 37%. for big business the corporate rate is slashed from 35 to 21% and for middle class americans it doubles the standard deduction. for those who itemize it keeps deductions on medical and student loan expenses but caps the state and local income property and tax deductions at just $10,000. republican leadership and the president have promised relief to the middle class but previous analysis of the senate version shows americans making $75,000 or less will actually pay more in taxes within a decade. chuck severson, abc news, new
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york. you could call it a budding business. next, the local shop thanking the state of california tonight, thanking it tonight as it celebrates a big milestone. not even these bad guys could scare away fans waiting in line to see the new "star wars" movie in san jose. i'm meteorologist sanny patel. increasing fire danger heading into the weekend i'll have a closer look. >> that's ahead, here's what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thank you dan and kristen. we were thinking of you when we made this. >> he's gone. he just left. he just -- >> oh, sorry. >> oh,
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got their first glimpse at the last jedi tonight. and for die hard, a south bay theater offered an opportunity unlike any other in california. >> that's right. abc 7 news reporter katie marzullo is live at the tech museum in san jose's eye max theater to explain. >> reporter: hi. yeah, we are a little over an hour into the 10:00 showing. check this out. how cool is this? the actual film reel bringing
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episode eight to life. we were able to talk with movie-goers who were getting out of the earlier showing. don't worry, no spoiler alerts. but here's their first impression of the last jedi. >> everybody will enjoy it. may the force be with you. >> reporter: rave reviews among the first to see "the last jedi." >> great action, love, sadness, heart break, and revenge. this is the movie for you. >> so heart breaking because it's carry fisher's last film. i teared up, but it was a kick butt awesome film. >> come on. >> reporter: episode eight drew a long line at the tech museum in san jose. >> baby's first zwarz. >> reporter: the tech museum is one of only 11 places in the world showing "the last jedi" on i max film. >> it has nostalgic feel to it. >> reporter: we got a behind the scenes look at the reel it self.
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>> it came in in 45 pieces. took 12 hours to put together. it's around 1,000 pounds with the platter. >> reporter: it moves at five and a half feet per second. the format certainly added to the "star wars" experience but the fun and fantasy began before the movie started. >> my dad was the first of our family to be a strarz fan and we were born and raised. >> i'm excited to see more of captain fasma. she is a storm trooper, female and kick ass. >> reporter: hundreds of satisfied all be it emotionally drained "star wars" fans. abc7 news. >> they are not having any fun at all. >> no, no. a san jose marijuana dispensary claims it received california's first permit today to celery creational pot to the general public. >> buddy's cannabis spents spent countless hours completing paperwork so he could start
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selling pot to anyone 21 years of age or older beginning january 1st. >> i have got know life besides this. shortly before thanksgiving the state of california issued about 600 pages offing arelation. i have been spending 12 to 14 hours a day reading that. >> 20 licenses went out today. recipients also included retailers in santa cruz and santa rosa. >> the weekend is almost upon us. what does the weather look like for the next few days. >> hopefully better air. >> it is going to be much better air quality. i'm going to be relieved i'm sure you will be as well. visibility right now. fog dropped it down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. watch out for the dense informing in the morning. three miles in napa. doppler 7 showing nothing but fog. no rain to talk about. s this is a look back three months ago. 22% of california was in a drought. you can see dry to moderate areas from south of the bay area
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into southern california. now 44% of the state is in a drought. this is not good news. explains why the fire danger is so high in southern california and has been running high here in the bay area. it's only going to increase as we head into tomorrow night. temps right now, upper 30s for the coldest inland valleys. you know those areas are going to drop quite a bit. watch out for informing tomorrow morning. visibility will be poor and bundle up. temperatures at or below freezing in the inland valleys. along the coast and bay, upper 30s to mid 40s. live look from the sutro tower came. cold in the morning. informingy areas, hazy sunshine with a spare the air alert for your your friday. this is eighth consecutive one increasing fire danger into the weekend. look at the time lapse of the smoke and the haze from the east bay hills area. shows you how bad the airality . it has been impacting my voice and maybe some of you as well. smoke, the haze, allergies, not
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a good thing. poor air quality for north bay central bay and the coast. moderate for the rest of the bay area. look at saturday. a lot better air quality as the wind cleans out our air. we are going to see an improvement this weekend. but fire danger will been elevated. north and east bay hills, santa cruz mountains. 10 a.m. tom through 10 p.m. friday. a fire weather watch. gusts may reach up to 50 miles an hour. any fires that develop will spread rapidly. wind advisory at elevations above 5,000 feet. the wind is not expected to be as strong as the those that occurred during the north bay fires in october. it has potential to become very bad in term of the wind. watch out of at midnight saturday over 30 miles an hour winds along the coast. gusting saturday morning around many parts of the bay area. gusting saturday night. sunday morning winds again to
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ease. the strong winds house the humidity to really come down. friday night it's high. watch the values drop dramatically. in the teens in napa and fairfield. this obviously means the fire danger will remain elevated through most of your saturday afternoon before we start to see humidity recover. hazy skies tomorrow afternoon. low to upper 60s. high clouds will be around. so will be some of the smoke. aek weather seven-day forecast. hazy informing. clearing skies. winds clear out our air late fry and saturday. air quality will be better as well. no rain in the accuweather seven-day forecast. we may be closing out 2017 on a dry note. download the accuweather app and you can keep track of the temperatures. >> hang in there. >> hot tea. next, code moo. a cow makes a mad dash, not once, but twice, from a in ativity scene. >> wild.
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coming up tomorrow a major upgrade to the apz 7 news app. we are rolling out exciting updates that feature customization, personal ayed push alerts and an enhanced news experience. now get only the news you want delivered to your phone in real time. you can update
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a cow led police on not one philadelphia this morning. police corralled the 1500 pound cow and escorted it back to a chump's living nativity scene. >> stormy broke free again and hoofed it into a parking garage before being caught. police believe someone tampered with the gate around its nativity scene. i worked in philadelphia. you don't see that every day. >> maybe he had some other place to be. >> philly cheese steak or something. >> i'm thinking of stormy. >> cheese steak. >> she didn't want to be the cheese steak. >> kevin durant is averaging 34 points per game. you would run, too, go stormy!
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. no steph, no draymond, no zaza, so
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>> announcer: abc7 sports, brought to you by river rock casino. >> good evening, the shorthanded warriors put their winning streak on the line against last place dahls. curry, green, zaza and swaggy all out, but it didn't matter. aaron judge from central california was at the game. 6'7", 280 would make a nice power forward. but they have the forward position covered with kevin durant. klay thompson trying to draw the foul with the scissor kick. no foul. still gets 24 points. dirk know have it ski, each at age 39 goes for three. 18 and nine. third quarter, doesn't explodes. three over former warrior harrison barnes. 11 boards, seven assists exploeding on the baseline with authority there. best play may have been coming up after devin harris drills a fan in the face with a ball.
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the lady, poor thing. k.d. gives her a lileikis and makes sure it's all better. warriors win their eighth in row, 112-97. cavs and lakers. first meeting between lonzo ball and lebron james. rookie staying out of the way here as the king, coming down the lane. look out. lebron 25 points, 12 boards. rumors about lebron signing with the lakers next summer. cavs roll 121-112. look at him talking about alonzo after the game. with the jersey over his mouth. i will he sign over the summer. keep your dad out of it. sharks on the road facing calgary. donskoi flying in this game. back check starts the play. tierney loses it myer there to slide it home. donskoi with the assist. 1-1 after one.
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to second period. sharks power play. tierney, his eighth. 2-1, team teal. three minutes left, tied at 2-2. thornton, the shot. where is the puck? loose, underneath the pads of mike smith. he doesn't know it. donskoi knocked it in. 3-2. they face the canucks tomorrow night in vancouver. thursday night football. broncos and koettle. simian left the game with a shoulder injury. in comes brock osweiler. orange crush coming at you here. 18 yards on the touchdown. he also threw for a couple of touchdowns. broncos win back to back games after snapping an eight game slide. 25-13 is your final score. abc7 sports, brought to you by river rock casino. how about kevin durant, the presence of mine to see the woman -- he said her eye had swollen up. he was like well what can i do. >> a nice gesture. >> he has been on a kindness offensive. first giving the kid his
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sneakers. now are you okay ma'am? wow. >> he's the
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. that's our report. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. right now on jimmy tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute".
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rescuers follow a stray dog who's had babies. >> they just don't know where the babies are. >> how the search in a freezing cold house turns into a very warm moment. a woman gets the wobbles on a slick sidewalk. >> but have no fear. >> why that's no ordinary good samaritan. >> wait a minute. >> we've done something really cool for joey. 17-year-old kid with down's syndrome. >> joey is going to get a chance in a pro wrestling ring. how his dream becomes a show-stopping reality. >> joe! joe! joe! >> breaking down the best on the web, including a group of brides who -- >> are marrying trees at this park. >> what's behind the unusual ceremony that separates the men from the bark. >> i'm a few steps away from --
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>> one look at this house in st. louis, and no one would want to live there, but the people with stray rescue of st. louis are going in, because a stray has been spotted in the area, so they have to go into one of the holes in the house. the wall has been knocked out, but before they walk in, they hear the barking. they are calling her mama, because they know she's nursing babies, just don't know where the babies are and had to find her first. there she is standing on the first landing of the staircase. >> this is dangerous for the dog and rescuers. looks like there's been a devastating fire in the house. >> it's bad for them to be there, because it is a disaster area, but right there when they get upstairs, mama is close to the window and they think she's going to jump. >> she's scared. look at her body language. that thing is frightened. >> but instead she runs into another room and


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